Joanne Archibald

"We used Joanne as our agent and the experience was amazing. We were expecting a baby and needed to find and buy a home quickly and after being unhappy with a previous realtor, Joanne was a godsend. She makes herself available when you need her and stays on top of every potential home that you like. She was a great help in what was a very hard negotiation with the seller. Her guidance, counsel and taste were all extraordinary and she made our first home purchase a very pleasant experience." - Ricardo J. 

"It has been a real pleasure working with Joanne. We truly enjoyed getting to know her and hope our friendship will be lifelong. She is an exemplary of what a realtor should be and we can see why she has gotten so far in her field" -Barbara S.

 "Joanne was a doll-when I would call on the cell phone, she would always seem pleased to hear from me-I haven’t removed her name from my cell as I might want to hear her say - Mrs. Ethel - good luck to her!" -Ethel G.

"Joanne took the time to get to know my husband and me, as well as our needs as first-time buyers. After looking at several homes that I found myself, Joanne quickly picked up on the type of home we were looking for. When we were ready to make an offer, Joanne was very supportive and was happy to answer our many questions. Her patience and understanding helped us find the perfect house for us and we couldn't be happier!" - Melissa B

"Joanne helped me as a first time homebuyer find a great home in the area I wanted to live. She was patient, helpful, and able to deal with all of the crazy questions and ideas that I brought to my search. She was always responsive to any requests that I made and timely arranged access when new listings came on the market. She really does care for her clients and was a great resource for referrals once the inspection process started. I'd gladly recommend her to anyone buying or selling a home." - Steve M.

 Thanks to Joanne, she was able to sell our home. Most of all, she was a good friend to me during all of this, and inviting me out to dinner, breakfast, etc. on a regular basis, that really kept me going. She is incredibly kind and thoughtful throughout the entire process. It did not go unnoticed." - Chris

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"It was so nice to have Joanne sell our house. She really knew the right buyers and knew just when to have the open houses. Thank you for all your patience with not only us but with the young buyers and Bank of America." - Alice & Neal

"It has been a great pleasure working with Joanne and we truly have enjoyed getting to know her and hope that our friendship will be lifelong. She is an example of what a realtor should be - and we can see why she has gotten so far in her field." - Barbara S.

"Joanne was an enormous help to Cheryl and I in selling our home in Baltimore. I would recommend her highly if you are in need of someone to help with a newcomer. She is smart, perceptive, and has great judgment." - Bob

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